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Texas Holdem Poker is now the most popular card game and playing online poker is big business. Find out how to play it and the best casinos to play it at.

Online Casino and Poker Sites

Play Texas Holdem Poker at the best sites with great deposit bonuses. The sites we list here provide great game play and have the best systems for learning and practising this classic game.

La Isla Casino and MegaKings

La Isla Online Casino has merged with Casino Tropez and is great for practising texas holdem for strategy and learning the card ranks. The games such as casino holdem poker follow Texas Holdem very closely. This game can also be played online at the many recommended casinos from MegaKings Internet Casino portal where you can discover where to play for large stakes poker with a huge bonus on large deposits.

Mansion Poker and Casino

Mansion have just expanded their online casino and poker room. They have made it really up to date with fantastic bonuses and tournaments. At the moment thay are offering a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500 on your first deposit in the state of the art poker room.

If you like poker tournaments then Mansion Poker is the place for you. They run up to 3 tournaments every day with buy-ins for as little as $10. On sundays they have the $100 buy-in with the cance to win a guaranteed $150,000.

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Mansion casino is also offering this fantastic welcome and first deposit bonus, plus you can additionaly qualify for a 50% bonus for video poker and blackjack.

Titan Poker World Challenge

Take on the whole world and win a Porsche! Titan Poker‘s newest promotion will challenge players like never before. Players competing in the Titan Poker World Challenge will fight out their countrymen for a chance to win a seat at an exclusive, 50-player Main Event tournament in December 2007. First prize will be a Porsche Cayman S sports car, while 49 players will share in a $50,000 prize pool. Twelve weeks of qualifying leagues are open to players based on their countries of origin. Top players in each country league will advance to regional finals, a 10-week series awarding seats at the exciting, prize-packed Main Event. Titan Poker‘s World Champion will drive home in a snazzy Porsche Cayman S!

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Poker Ocean Launches as Next Big Wave In Online Poker

The sand and surf feel of Poker Ocean's state-of-the-art software will give you the thrills of the world of poker.

This newest member of the iPoker Network has a player-pleasing sand and surf feel to its software, which was developed by Playtech, the most highly respected software manufacturer in the online gaming industry.

Poker Ocean is offering new players a sign-up bonus of 50% up to a maximum of $200. Veteran depositing players are rewarded at Poker Ocean as well, with a monthly 100% Reload Bonus up to $100. have been around for a while now, previously under another name, they have now revamped and offer what has to be one of the classiest poker rooms on the net. Online poker at itīs very best with a wide variety of games for you to enjoy.

Carbon Poker offers a 100% sign up bonus up to $200. This bonus also included an entry into a $1000 freeroll. The sign up bonus is redeemable by generating comp points (player points). 250 comp points redeems $1 of bonus, and the bonus is paid out at $10 increments. Comp points are attained by contributing to raked pots and tournament fees but we are unsure of the exact system of rake to points ratio. These comp points can also be collected and spent at the Carbon Poker merchandise store.

Poker Plex have a wonderful site and fantastic online poker games. There are always lots of players online to take part in the many fantastic tournaments that are organised daily.

At the present time they are offering a 100% deposit bonus every month (up to $1000) and in this months competition tournament they are giving away a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. There are also many other competitions such as the Headhunter Challenge and the chance to win a visit and a place in the Carribean Poker Challenge.

Billīs Poker Tip of the Week

The first thing to do in Holdem is evaluate your 2 hole cards pre-flop. You do this to work out whether to check, raise or fold your hand. Of course the real evaluation will depend on how many opponents you are playing.

Cards will fall into 3 categories.
Hands to raise with are high pairs (10īs or above) and AK, AQ.
Hands to check with are low pairs (6īs or above) and high cards like AJ, and high suited or unsuited connecters like JQ.
Hands to fold consist of everything else, unless you are heads up and you have a hand like 5,5 or 7,8 suited. Or your on big blind with no raisers.

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