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Texas Holdem Poker is now the most popular card game and playing online poker is big business. Find out how to play it and the best casinos to play it at.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

So, youŽve seen the basic principals of how to play Texas Holdem. Now you need to know some basic rules regarding irregularities that may occure during a game of poker.

All players have to post their required antes and blinds and those playing are dealt 2 "hole cards".

Where you sit at a Texas Hold'em table is a very important factor in how you play. The position of dealer is considered the strongest on any given round, as being dealer, or "on the button" means you act last in every round (no including the pre-flop blinds). Acting last means you act with the most information as you know what every other player has done before you need to decide, making it easier to choose whether to bet or raise, check, call or fold, and the game of poker is all about making the right decisions.

The different limit varieties of Texas Holdem have different betting structures. Basically in No Limit Holdem you can bet or raise as much as you like. The only rule is that to bet you must bet a minimum of the Big Blind amount, and to raise you must raise at least double the amount of the max bet that has been placed. Limit Holdem is different in that the maximum bet is predetermined for pre-flop and post-flop bets. The other variety is Pot Limit Holdem. This means that you cannot raise more than is in the pot (including your bet - if you were to call). This can be quite confusing, an example to help your understanding - Small Blind = $5, Big Blind = $10, next player folds, next player calls $10, your turn next and you can raise the amount of the total in pot (including your call amount of $10) = Current pot $25 + $10 for your call = $35 in the pot, therefore you can raise $35 (and make a bet of $45). If you make the $45 bet there will be $70 in the pot and the next player can make a maximum bet of $150 (i.e. $70 + his call of $45 = $105 in pot, therefore bet $45 and raise $105).

Dealing Cards
Before the game a standard 52 card deck is shuffled. The player to the right of the dealer should cut the pack before the hole cards are dealt. The pack is not shuffled again until the next hand. Folded cards get discarded. Once all players in the poker hand have made equal bets into the pot the community cards are dealt. Before dealing the flop, turn or river cards the top card in the deck is discarded. This is known as "burn" the top card.

Dealing Errors

  • If the first dealt card is exposed a re-deal will occur.
  • If a subsequent hole card is exposed during the deal the deal will continue. At the end of the deal the exposed card will be replaced with the card at the top of the pack, the exposed card will be used as the first "burn" card.
  • If two hole cards are exposed during the deal, a re-deal will occur.
  • Exposed cards during the deal cannot be kept by a player under any circumstance.
  • If too many cards are exposed during the flop, all cards are returned to the pack. The pack is shuffled and the flop is re-dealt.
  • If too many cards are exposed at the turn or the river the cards are returned to the pack and shuffled and re-dealt.
  • If community cards are exposed prematurely (before the betting round is completed), the card(s) is immediately taken out of play and discarded. Once the round is completed the next card is burnt (and exposed) and the community cards are then dealt. The cards are then shuffled ready for the next burn and community card deal.

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